Ireland is recognised for producing some of the best trained Doctors in the world; experience gained as a Doctor in Ireland can enhance and develop the career of doctors at any level. For this reason and many more, Ireland is one of the most popular destinations for doctors from all over the world.

The Doctors team in FRS Recruitment are the largest Doctors recruitment team in Ireland and we boast an impressive combined experience of over 30 years. We have seen Doctors from across the globe and from all walks of life. We can help you with any questions you have and we would like to encourage you to reach out to us at

But if you have done your homework and you are ready to move to Ireland, what should you do next?


Check out the Irish Medical Council’s website and see what type of registration you are suitable for and how easy that process is. Specialist registration is more complicated and more expensive, so it might be worth checking with us if we think you will be successful in that area before beginning the process.

Also, if your internship or postgraduate qualification is not recognised by the IMC, you might have to sit exams, so it might be worth investigating this as well as the cost and time involved before you proceed. E.g. it might be easier to finish membership exams first e.g. MRCP

English Language

Even if you have been speaking English since the day you were born, the Irish Health Service policy may require you to do an English language exam depending on the country you qualified in. IELTS and OET are the only acceptable exams. IELTS score required is overall minimum 7.0 with a minimum 6.5 in each discipline. OET B in all areas is required.

Curriculum Vitae

Hospitals and healthcare organisations will be using your CV to decide whether you are a good match to their organisation. The best CVs for Doctors include a clear outline of medical education, courses, and relevant training you have done. They also have the name and description of the organisations you have worked for as well as the job you did or do.  The person who is reading your CV may be unfamiliar with your country, your healthcare system and your hospital. Give a good general description e.g. 700 bedded public teaching hospital with a worldwide accreditation for cardiology etc. By far, the most important thing to include is your clinical skills. The names of levels for doctors is different in different countries. Three doctors from different parts of the world could be doing the same job but may have different titles such as Registrar, Resident, Medical Officer. The description of your duties and skills is what is most important. Eg. Assess medical patients daily, treat routine respiratory conditions such as COPD, perform chest drains independently.

The more detail you provide here, the more likely you are to be short-listed for interview.

Once your CV is ready, submit it to on of our vacancies HERE or upload it to our talent search pool HERE

Patience, Communication & Flexibility

Once you have applied for English language exam, Irish Medical Council registration and sent your CV to us, be prepared for it to take some time for a role to come up that suits. Ireland is a relatively small country with just 53 public teaching hospitals. We have lots of job opportunities for doctors but it may take a few months for a post to open up that suits your skills and background. Keep in touch with your designated recruiter and let them know you are still interested and available. Also, be flexible, at FRS Recruitment we pride ourselves on giving you honest advice, if we think you need to take a more junior role to gain experience or if you should consider other locations, we will tell you. We have the experience to help you secure a role in Ireland and to make sure that you gain the most out of this experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Ireland is calling…. Time to answer.

Looking for more information on working as a Doctor in Ireland?

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