Moving to Ireland to practice Medicine isn’t straight forward, however, we have managed to make the transition smooth for all of our Doctors. For Doctors considering a move to Ireland, a land renowned for its friendly people, rich history, breath-taking landscapes, and welcoming communities, the prospect of navigating the registration and relocation process can be both exciting and daunting. Recognising the unique challenges that medical professionals face during such transitions, we in FRS Recruitment have developed initiatives to streamline the process and make the relocation journey to Ireland more accessible and smoother for Doctors.

In this article, we will explore the various support systems and resources available to help facilitate the relocation of doctors to Ireland, ensuring a seamless integration into the vibrant Irish healthcare system. Not only do we help doctors find the ideal position, we also ensure that their entire family is happy and settled. Moving overseas is overwhelming for anyone, but we do our best to make it as easy as possible. 


There are many benefits for Doctors coming to Ireland:

  • EU experience in the HSE (Health Service Executive – Ireland)
  • Flexibility across multiple specialities within the rotations
  • Excellent Remuneration for specialists
  • Excellent training and career development
  • Invaluable experience from working in an English-speaking country.
  • Easy accessibility to all parts of Europe
  • Excellent schools and education

Registering with the Irish Medical Council and English Language exams

Registering with the Irish Medical council is the first step to securing your role here. Our team are on hand to help answer your queries and guide you in this first step. For Non specialists who completed their primary qualifications in EU countries, or the UK, or those who completed degree countries whose internships have been recognised by the Medical Council (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Sudan, Malaysia and Malta), or who have completed a higher diploma from this list HERE the process for registration can be fairly straight forward.

Specialist Qualified candidates from the EU or the UK who hold CCST/CCTs will also find the process for registration relatively pain free taking about 6-8 weeks. However, candidates who fall outside these criteria may find registration more challenging, and there is limited support that can be offered by any recruitment agency. We are happy to answer any questions in this regard and will direct you as best we can.

English language requirements for working in HSE posts are as follows: Candidates must have achieved in IELTS a minimum 6.5 in each category with an overall score of 7 or in OET a minimum grade B. These results are required for all Non Consultant Hospital Doctors who didn’t complete their degree in a country whose official language is English. The results must be no older than 2 years when you start your first role here in Ireland.

Once you IMC is in place and your English test scores are in place, let the job hunt begin!!

Securing your Dream Job

Over the years we have supported countless families in their dream of practicing medicine in Ireland. Securing you an optimal post in the right hospital or community environment is our priority. Our expert recruiters will support your application through offering extensive guidance on how to improve your CV and will deliver a comprehensive interview prep session ahead of any interview. Our consultants in depth knowledge and years of experience will be apparent as they coach you to secure your dream job here in Ireland. We want your placement to be successful, so we will speak at length about your preferences on location and working environment and recommend a working location based on your choices.

Preparing for your Arrival

Once you have been offered and have accepted your role, our relocation team get to work liaising with your future employer to complete all your necessary paperwork and secure your work permit if required. Our doctors this year have travelled from an array of countries including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Sudan, the United States and Pakistan. Our team have a huge amount of experience processing these applications and are on hand to troubleshoot any issues. We keep our candidates well informed about the applications as we’re aware that this is the most stressful part of your Journey to Ireland.

At this point the team will offer you guidance on the practicalities: Accommodation, Bank Accounts, PPS numbers, schools for the children or childcare and transport – these are all major concerns for any Doctors coming to Ireland and helping them with this information, prepares them with what to expect and prepare for in Ireland. As you’re no doubt aware sourcing accommodation isn’t always easy, our team will help you and your family set up house viewings and can offer access to a network of accommodation providers nationwide.

On Arrival

We aim to meet with our new arrivals within their first couple of months in Ireland, even at the airport if needed! All our new arrivals are sent a welcome pack which provides practical details about your time in Ireland, as well as some interesting bits such as common Irish colloquialisms to teach you the hiberno English that IELTs forgot!! Where possible we will make introductions to other healthcare providers that FRS Recruitment has worked with over the years in your location, and we’re always at the other end of a phone call or WhatsApp should you have any questions!

We take great pride in not only getting the job for the Doctor but also ensuring that all their other needs and queries are dealt with, that our candidates can arrive in Ireland happy and assured that everything is in order, and they can focus on their new job and life in Ireland. We are all extremely excited about the success that we have recently had, and are looking forward to a new year of Healthcare Recruitment. We have a growing team and hope to carry on providing excellent candidates to Hospitals and ensuring all our candidates are happy and can look forward to great careers in Ireland.

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