Here at FRS Recruitment, we hire for all levels across all Legal Sectors from Paralegal / Junior Legal Executive to Solicitor and Junior Legal Counsel to Senior Legal Counsel within Industry. As always employers are looking for candidates who are high achievers in Academics as well as candidates who can give clients clear and concise advice. The ability to build and maintain long lasting relationships is a key asset.

The world of Legal Recruitment is a busy sector at present. Roles are available from graduates starting their careers, to highly experienced Solicitors and In House Counsel. It is of course a candidate driven market at present, so it is a challenging environment for potential employers. It is a different dynamic from two years ago as the work / life balance is very much in focus.

We are though, seeing a swift return to the office policy with most Law firms. As highlighted by a Keynote Speaker from a new entrant to the Dublin Market, some Associates felt they were missing out on conversations, ideas, and collaboration with Senior Associates and Partners. I am working with candidates that are looking for a Hybrid model, so I do advise clients the need to be flexible to put themselves in the best position to attract new talent.

Of course, Zoom meetings are incredibly useful and efficient but there is always that need for face-to-face interaction.

We have seen many companies within the Financial Services, IT and Technology space move to Ireland post Brexit. Dublin remains one of the most popular destinations for relocation. A move away from Private Practice leads to different opportunities for Paralegals right up to Junior and Legal Counsels.

A big sector in the coming years is that of Sustainability. Firms are looking to make the change or continue to change for the betterment of Climate change. Working with clients to develop ESG and Sustainability framework is now big business and it will continue to grow. Energy transition, climate action, sustainable finance and green bonds are just some of the areas being advised on. We are also noting candidates that are showing a keen interest in Sustainability and looking to change or indeed begin their careers within Sustainability. Firms that are embracing Sustainability are in a better position to attract and retain these candidates.

For more information, or to discuss any Legal Recruitment contact myself, John Paul Fitzgerald on 086 440 6244.