“We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as in soluble problems.” -Lee Iacocca, Engineer, and Automaker

The FRS Recruitment Technical Engineering division works with employers of all sizes across Ireland to help them secure talent in a wide range of areas. This covers roles in engineering, pharmaceuticals, medical device, supply chain, quality/ laboratory, manufacturing, and food production.

In this document we will provide some insights on each of those individual areas.

Looking at the broader technical engineering picture, there are also some general insights that apply. Vacancies are continuing to arise, as they were throughout 2022, with plenty of demand on the employer side for qualified personnel. However, that is not matched by the number of candidates becoming available or even the level of movement within the market.

For smaller companies there is less wiggle room in their budgets to increase salaries. Alternative options such as increased annual leave or more hybrid working are instead being presented as possible solutions. Larger companies, however, have been offering larger salary and benefits packages.

On a geographical basis we're also finding there is more flexibility on salaries in Dublin, while the wages on offer in the Midlands tend to be more limited and less moveable.
The pressure on rising costs and wider uncertainty arising from job losses at some high-profile global companies has also impacted on candidate mindsets not just in this sector but almost across the entire economy. Candidates have become more passive this year when it comes to seeking out their next career step.

Then there are the implications of AI on how employment in this sector evolves. Manufacturing & engineering has always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies to enhance production and with AI becoming much more pervasive we can expect to see that has significant ramifications in the months and years ahead.

All of these different developments show how quickly the market can evolve and why it is so important to work with people who are dealing with these issues on a daily basis. At FRS Recruitment we understand the market and we can see how it is evolving in real time.

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