Inflation in 2022 has seen a major price increase for goods and services all round, which has now raised concerns of the cost of living going up, while wages for many roles are remaining the same. Luckily for some, this seems to apply to everyone except software developers in 2022.

While the market is quite tough from a recruiters’ point of view, there are developers out there ready to make a move simply because this will allow them to see anywhere from 5% to 14.8% of an increase in their salary. This has meant that wage growth for those who switch jobs is 47% higher than the wage growth for those who remain in their jobs long-term.

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a software engineer is €60,000 in 2022, this is a significantly large increase from the average of €50,000 in 2020. This increase is evident in the day to day workings of a recruiter, seeing that higher salary expectations are being sought at all levels of software development, including candidates in requirement of sponsorship.As there remains to be a shortage of high-level candidates in today's job market, the expectations of these developers are often being reached. 

In Summary, the following could be seen as a guideline for what salary is expected at each level:

  • Junior Software Engineer €30 – 50K
  • Mid-Level Software Engineer - €55 – 70K
  • Senior Software Engineer - €70 – 90K
  • Team Lead - €90k+

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