The idea of remote working pre-pandemic had been looked upon with distaste across the majority of industries. "How will we possibly get any work done?", Many asked. Two years later, many businesses would be lost without it. 

Here are some of the benefits to working remotely that the 2022 workplace is not quite ready to lose:


1. No transportation time

For those working from home, gone are the days of sitting in traffic for half an hour before looking for parking to get to work. That can be a two-way journey spent 5 days a week. Whether you opt for a sleep-in or start getting more done in the mornings, those who made the swap to remote working enjoy this extra time.


2. Freedom to live anywhere

If you don't have to travel to the office, you don't have to be near it either. Some remote workers may go from their office in Cork to the home office in Cancún! FRS currently has staff working from Portugal, and has previously had staff working from Australia and the UK. After our movements being restricted for so long through lockdowns, this is a benefit many are keen to take advantage of. 



3. Office costs

Running an office has its expenses, when swapping to remote working this is something many businesses opted to do away with altogether. While FRS and many other businesses opt for the hybrid model, in which staff have the option to use our offices, businesses still save on costs by reduced usage. 


4. Flexible hours

As many businesses aren't stuck to office opening times anymore, there is often a lot more leeway in terms of when you work. This comes alongside the new trend of the 4-day work week, which many businesses across the nation have began to trial. 


5. Save on home bills

Those working from home can claim Remote Working Relief on up to 10% of the cost of heat and electricity, and 30% of the cost of broadband (proportioned to the amount of days worked from home). This relief came into effect from tax year 2020, and is not expected to remain in effect for too much longer as the pandemic comes to an end. This has saved hundreds for many remote workers nationwide. to find out more about this, click here.


At FRS, we offer full remote working, as well as the hybrid option for those who want to work from any of our 9 office locations. To find out more about life at FRS Recruitment, and what positions we have available, click here.