We have launched an Employee Assistance Programme

As part of World Mental Health day, we are delighted to announce that we have launched our EAP. FRS Recruitment are fully committed to the importance of good mental health and as a company we endeavour to support our staff in achieving a good sense of wellbeing.

Why is this important?

Mental health issues can significantly impact employees and is a major cause for absenteeism. Employers are responsible for promoting good mental health in the workplace and in doing so you can greatly improve your employees focus, concentration and their overall performance.

What can I do?

As part of world mental health day, why not send around these tips to your employees and get the ball rolling on your promotion of good mental health.  

Tune In

What better way to kick-start your day than with some meditation? Great for calming your mind and preparing you for the day’s challenges, just 10 minutes can be enough to achieve a warm sense of self.

Work Out the Kinks

Getting up and active can be just as effective on the brain as the body. As little as half an hour of exercise, especially outdoors, can reap major rewards. It’s been shown to relieve tension and anxiety, soothe the mind and boost the feel-good chemicals in your brain.

Write It Down

Self-expression comes in many forms, and one of the oldest and most straightforward hasn’t gone out of style. A blank page to write what’s on your mind can lead to quiet contemplation, improve your self-esteem and harness your creativity.


When it comes to problems, it’s always best to chat it out. Either with friends, colleagues or a professional. Talking about what’s bothering you unloads tension, allows you to brainstorm solutions, and helps you move forward in a more positive way.

Switch Off

The temptation to look at your phone after bedding down may be strong, but such stimulation is a blocker to a refreshing rest. Place your phone or laptop out of arm’s length an hour before bed to stop the blue light keeping you awake!


Wishing you all a healthy and happy world mental health day


Aisling, HR Manager, FRS Network