"Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear scrubs and gowns!" Our Medical and Healthcare recruitment team have placed many superheroes in vital roles all across Ireland. Here's what they have to say about the Covid-19 global pandemic. 

‘We are living in uncertain times, and after the announcement from our Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, most of us are anxious and unsure about what the future holds. One message we have all taken away from the announcement is that social isolation will help to keep us all safe and free from Covid-19.

However, this advice does not apply to our dedicated and hardworking healthcare professionals. Whilst a lot of us can work from home, protected from dealing with the public and increasing our risk of contracting Covid-19, our front-line healthcare professionals do not have this option.

They will report for work everyday to work with patients, they will meet us in our time of need and will do all they can to help us, make us feel better and ultimately survive this crisis. Because we will survive, and we will recover, however long it takes. 

It would serve us all well to be mindful of the sacrifices our doctors, nurses and allied health professionals will make to ensure our essential medical services continue.  They will go to work, certain that many of them will catch this virus and become ill themselves.

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In good times, it is easy to forget just how much these healthcare professionals do to ensure the health of the population. We have become accustomed to hearing about trolleys throughout ED Departments, nursing shortages, the difficulty in recruiting doctors and so on. Now add a pandemic and a lot of national fear and concern to the situation and that is what healthcare professionals face when they come to work. 

The demands are huge, the hours are long and the work is demanding. They all deserve to know how much we appreciate their commitment, their skills and their knowledge. They all deserve to know that their sacrifices and their dedication to healing and comforting our sick relatives is acknowledged and we need to rally around them to help in the ways we can. Stay in isolation if sick, keep social distancing and do not forgot to follow all recommendations on keeping well. We have a responsibility to ourselves and also to the hard-working healthcare professionals.

Together we are better, together we will come through this national crisis and thank you for your essential contribution in helping us to cope with and to overcome Covid-19” EithnePrincipal Recruitment Consultant – Healthcare & Medical

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“During this time of great uncertainty, FRS Recruitment would like to express gratitude, admiration and support for all the incredible healthcare workers in Ireland and across the world.

While we attempt to protect ourselves by staying at home and social distancing, these courageous Healthcare workers are on the frontline, caring for entire communities daily. By putting others first, they are risking their own sense of security and we would like to express our thanks for this daily selfless action.” Kate, Junior Consultant - Emergency Medicine

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