Asking for a job reference letter can be nerve-breaking for most people. In the real corporate world, acquiring a reference letter can cause someone so much anxiety more than you can imagine. How should I do it? Who will I ask? What will I say? These are only a few of the several questions that might be running in your mind by the time you stood in front of the door of the office. Well, for individuals who are really eager to get a job, this can go easy.

The truth about getting a job reference letter is that it can be easy and convenient for you. Even without someone helping you, things can go light and easy. Don’t lose spirit! The harder you think it is, the harder it can go.

Here are tips to come up with a great reference letter for a job from your former boss or mentor. Check out these essential tips for success. Good luck!

Emphasise their skills and qualifications

It’s essential to highlight every good aspect of the person you’re asking the letter from. By highlighting their qualifications, you are showing respect to their professional expertise reinforcing the reason that you chose them among many people. Take note that your letter doesn’t have to arrive like it’s a letter of flattery. The person you’re asking the job reference letter is someone you believe who is uniquely qualified to help you with your next professional plans. Show the person that you value his/her opinion that’s why you look up to them in this endeavour.

Provide an effective template for the letter

How is this important? Some may find it really difficult to come up with an ideal reference letter if not provided with the necessary tools for the writing. In this case, the template will serve as the tool for them to start working on the letter. However, the template should not appear as if you’re giving the person a complete guidance of writing the reference letter. It should only serve as an outline of how the letter will look like.

The person you’re asking the letter from might be better than you in this business so you don’t have to be hands-on with the template. An outline or bullet points of the pertinent information in the letter will do.

Choose your reference wisely

 Beware! You might choose the wrong person. Make sure that the person really knows you personally. Find someone who also thinks of you as someone who deserves the job than anyone else. Your chosen candidate should give you a good reference for the job. 

Inform the person that you’re making him/her a job reference

Let the person know ahead of time. He/she has the right to know that you’re putting that person’s name in your references. Without the permission of the person, you can/t continue with your plan for the reference letter.

Bear these tips in mind for a successful career ahead. As long as you follow the right way, you can’t go wrong with asking for a job reference letter.