FRS Recruitment is proud to announce its new GAAGO partnership with the GAA and RTE, supporting the streaming of live GAA games to the Irish diaspora all over the world.

Through this partnership viewers based in Australia and New Zealand, America, the Middle East, UK, China, Japan or anywhere outside of Ireland will be able to view all their latest county as well as club games – getting a chance to experience 70 minutes of home. 

GAA games have always been a quintessential part of Irish life. Born out of our sense of community and place, it is that local connection that continues to pull the attention of Irish audiences - whether they are based on Irish soil or living thousands of miles away.

For many Irish abroad, tuning in for the big match back home is a way of staying connected – of feeling no matter where you are in the world, a piece of Ireland is there with you. 

This has never been more true than during this pandemic. At a time when travelling has become increasingly difficult, spending 70 minutes watching pulsating GAA action is one of the few ways you can be transported back to the comfort of home.  

Through our partnership with the GAAGO, FRS Recruitment expects to reach over 3 million Irish viewers abroad, with FRS spots featuring before games viewed on the platform and during half time.

Rather than using traditional ads, we wanted to do more with these segments. We wanted to extend the experience provided to the Irish viewer abroad and give them an even greater taste of home. 

That is why we decided to create ’70 Minutes of Home’.

These unique 70 minute film experiences feature a very different look at various parts of Ireland, all filmed using a Slow TV technique. The mesmerising videos don’t just invoke memories of home for those watching, they immerse you into the scene. The viewer can’t help but relax as the location washes over them and they become at one with this small patch of Ireland. You won’t just remember, you’ll feel a part of these 70 Minutes of Home. 

‘70 Minutes of Home’ is the latest part of FRS Recruitment’s ‘Ireland is Hiring’ initiative.

‘Ireland is Hiring’, launched in 2018, has seen FRS engage with Irish people living in every corner of the world to successfully fill job opportunities back in Ireland.

It can be challenging for certain companies or sectors to find suitably qualified candidates in the domestic market. ‘Ireland is Hiring’ widens the field, increasing the pool of potential candidates to include the highly skilled Irish workforce scattered across the globe – many of whom have built up experience and skills which may not have been on offer at home.

Through ‘Ireland is Hiring’, FRS Recruitment has seen there are a significant number of Irish abroad who want to come home. They want to live, work and thrive in the cities, towns and villages they grew up in.

Now, with ’70 Minutes of Home’ we want to give them another reminder of what is on offer back here in Ireland, through 70 minute windows of home.

We want to remind them of the amazing scenes they can return to, so that FRS Recruitment can help them do just that. 

Click HERE to view our 70 minutes of home videos