Every year on the 17th of March something amazing happens.. The world turns green!

There are very few national holidays that become a worldwide celebration. However, with an estimated 1 million Irish currently living abroad (not including ‘my great great grandparents’ Irish) it’s no surprise that many countries also take part in this culture filled celebration.

This year however, it will be somewhat different; there will be no St. Patrick’s Day parade, all pubs will be closed up and trad sessions though still may happen, will be frowned upon.

Yet, there’s no stopping us from celebrating the Irish culture from our own homes!

Here are some of our favourite and quirky things we love about the Irish culture

  • “I will never understand how Irish people put stuffing (made of bread) in a roll/sandwich or crisps on sandwich” Renata Ryan

  • “Anthony, to his sister Deirdre “ Hey put on the kettle and make me a cup of tea, will ya!” Deirdre to Anthony “I will, yah!” Question - will Deirdre make Anthony a cup of tea? You know the answer if you are Irish!  Eithne
  • Things that flummoxed this South African:

      Going for the messages= grocery shopping

      It’s in the press = cupboard

      Put it in the hotpress= linen cupboard

      Is the emersion on? In SA every house has 3000l hot water geyser that is ALWAYS on……

      I will yeah! = actually I won’t!

      Ending every sentence with “so” or “like”

      If someone slags you = they actually like you! Mandy


  • Quare good LAAD, Total Carlow. Wash- to put on a wash, go for the wash, wash your mouth out. Miriam
  • One I find particularly Irish is when someone says “No Offence” knowing they are about to say something offensive or everything is “grand” – kids hurt themselves – “get up you’ll be grand” How are you? – “Grand and yourself” – “Don’t worry about it, you’ll be grand” Matt

Other things we think you’ll relate to are

  • Tayto crips, snack bars and score drinks are great memories from being in the pub with your parents.
  • Flat 7up will cure all!! Maybe even the Coronavirus..
  • The Late Late Toy Show is another national celebration!

things you'll only understand if your irish

  • If you’re not from Dublin- you’re from the country
  • And if you’re from the country- you’ll know bales of hay are the best playgrounds ever!
  • Bosco being kidnapped was bigger news than the coronavirus.
  • You’ll never need a Doctor if you live near someone whose the seventh son.
  • An bhfuil cead agam dul go dti an leithreas’ Can mean anything when you’re on holidays.

  • “Where you from?” A greeting between two Irish people who don’t know each other.
  • And finally, the fear of the wooden spoon.

Although we are small Island, we have such a big impact across the globe which becomes apparent on St. Patricks Day, is it any wonder Irish people are so proud of their culture?

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