Happy Australia day to all the Irish currently down under! We’re sure you’re all enjoying the celebrations in that lovely 45C heatwave! We do love our Aussie cousins but let’s be honest, what kind of made up day is Australia Day? Like, It’s no St. Patricks day anyway that’s for sure!

It might be reasons like this that the Irish have now started to come back home to work in Ireland, with many of them taking us up on our Free Flights Offer!

Over the past ten years almost 70k Irish people boarded a plane and headed off to Australia in search of better lives. We all know at least one Irish person who came back ‘changed’ or had ‘found themselves’ while backpacking across the East Coast. However, in 2018 the number of Irish people returning had overtaken those emigrating for the first time in nine years. So, what are the Irish missing or finally getting fed up of in Australia? Here’s why we think Irish people are missing home.

  • Sun factor costs more than diamonds… and let’s face it, we need a lot!

  • Their government. You would never complain about Irish politics again after a year of listening to their governmental decisions. Also, they have a new Prime Minister every couple of months.


  • Aussies shorten every word or make up their own so if you’re new to the country they make it even harder to converse..

Servo = Service Station

Bottle- O's  = Off Licence

Renos  = Renovations

Tongs  = sandals


  • They pride themselves on their culture and protecting their native wildlife and bush. Reality is, when you drive around the country you are entertained by all the road kill and blinded by the smoke from all the controlled fires to burn the lovely lad away…. Go figure!

  • The Sheila’s love Tupperware, every female seems to have shares in the company, mothers get excited showing off their shiny plastic containers at picnics….. mental!

  • Aussies have ridiculously big spiders! You won’t wash them down the plug hole..

  • AND their snakes are getting even sneakier!!!

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