With the UK leaving the European union, we asked our recruiters for their thoughts and insights on the impact Brexit will have on hiring trends in the Irish market. Here’s what they had to say.


How will Brexit impact your client’s hiring and resourcing plans?


“Brexit will have a positive impact on the IT recruitment space. The majority of our clients are US Multinationals who establish a base in Ireland to take advantage of our access to European markets, educated workforce and stable political landscape. Combined with Irelands “business friendly” economic environment, we are winning more and more technology led FDI at a cost to the UK.“

“Rory Corbett, IT Recruitment Manager’


“Brexit has brought a lot of uncertainty to our clients who rely on UK exports and imports. Our clients remain cautious in terms of recruiting additional staff due to the increasing export costs.”

‘Laura McInerney, Senior Recruitment Consultant – Mid-West’


How will the Irish recruitment industry benefit from Brexit?

 “In relation to the effect Brexit will have specifically on the Tech sector, I think overall it will be beneficial. Freedom of movement within the UK for international candidates will be affected which makes Ireland a much more attractive prospect. This in turn will limit the talent pool in the UK. Large numbers of experienced IT professionals have already moved within the last 6 months. The knock-on effect of this, I think, will result in more businesses basing themselves in Ireland to have access to more talent.”

‘Eoin Tiernan, Senior IT Recruitment Consultant’


 “From a Healthcare perspective the proposed new visa system for the UK does not really change anything. There is a shortage of medical professionals worldwide, so it has always been easier to relocate. The eligibility to work as a doctor is therefore not based on the visa system of a country but rather on their eligibility to register with the Medical Council.  Different criteria for registration with the medical council will vary from country to country. To work in the UK as a doctor you would need to be eligible to apply for GMC registration and in Ireland for IMC registration. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to ensure Irish hospitals are appealing to overseas medical professionals and showcasing Ireland and the good quality of life we have to offer including excellent free education system, quality accommodation and uncongested towns and cities.

‘Sheena Morgan Principal Recruitment Consultant - Medical and Healthcare’

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