We work for HR.

Change is something that every business must contend with at some stage but in today's world, companies are facing a constantly changing landscape. 

The economy has seen a renewed growth and companies have been accelerating the pace of recruitment in order to keep up with demand, with new innovations and with customer expectations.

Many companies that we have spoken to in the past year have said that the one risk to their growth is recruitment of suitable talent. Talent is top of the agenda for many managers and business owners. Typically, HR is the division within a company that is responsible for the recruitment and retention of staff. Even the way that HR works is changing. Gone is the old “Personnel Department” and now we have a team of people who are networkers, mobile and social media savvy. 

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At FRS Recruitment, we work closely with our clients’ HR teams for greater collaboration to help find and retain the right people for the right roles. This is key – you need to ensure the culture is right because otherwise, it simply won’t work – not for the candidate nor the client. 

The roles within HR have become more collaborative and consultative – opportunities are available from HR Assistant all the way up to Head of HR. The growth path for this career brings candidates through HR Generalist, Business Partner and Manager in one path and through learning and development in another. However, other roles have been identified in recent years to include ‘Employee Engagement Manager’, ‘Diversity Manager’ and ‘Mindset Manager’ 

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To work in HR, you will ideally have completed a relevant degree and have a keen interest in people, be open to change and be tech savvy as uses for AI continue to increase.

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FRS Recruitment can assist you in finding the right people for your HR team. Finding the right talent, the best fit for the job and your company is challenging. It requires knowledge of the company’s culture and an understanding of the candidate’s personality, strengths, and other characteristics. We do this by meeting with the company, building a relationship, getting to know the company and its culture and then be able to find the right person to fit the right role.

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