I’m not afraid to ask for help, neither should you..

This may sound like a somewhat desperate request but unfortunately this is the case. Ireland has one of the highest rates of mental illness in Europe; we have a tendency to dance around our problems and bury our heads in the sand.

Too many vacancies and not enough talented Psychiatrists 

Last year alone there were over 60 psychiatrist posts vacant in Ireland. I currently advertise for consultant psychiatric vacancies but unfortunately there is a low response rate to these vacancies. Not only does this dishearten me personally, but I feel disheartened for my country and those who so desperately need the services provided by qualified and professional psychiatrists. I want to put my hands up in the air and declare that we need help and ask for Psychiatrists to consider working in Ireland. I feel this is why Ireland has such a high rate of mental illness- people are too afraid and embarrassed to ask for help, but it is the first step in moving forward to provide professional help and support where it is needed. When that courageous first step is taken they need not to be heard but to have the necessary skills and services where they can be referred to.

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Why does Ireland have such high rates for Mental illness? 

Ireland is well known for its outstanding unspoilt countryside but it is in these rural settings that can prevail an intense correlation with isolation and loneliness. We also have a strong agricultural-based economy. With that, a lot of farmers who are predominately male, are self-employed and spend most of their day working on their own. This isolation is a major contributing factor to mental illness.   

Youth Mental Health 

A further group of society that needs mental health services is our youth. School was tough in my days and I am in my early 30’s but it’s so much worse now. The pressures they are under due to social media, their lack of self-worth and self-esteem and inherent value being based on how many ‘likes’ they get on a photo. They are struggling with living in the real world. Our youth are at such a pinnacle and formative time in their lives; and it is essential if they need help, they receive it swiftly and not in a period of 6 months when it may be too late.

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The highest rate of suicide in women is between the ages of 55-64 years.

This is another category of our people who need your help and support. Women at this age have perhaps spent the last 30 years raising a family and not having given any much needed time to themselves due to the fact that they have most likely been busy caring and tending to their family and then suddenly there is empty-nest syndrome - the children and flown the nest and the mind has time to think and overthink at that, sometimes unhealthily.

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I am asking for Consultant Psychiatrists to consider working in Ireland and help tackle this issue.

I have just touched briefly on some of the areas of society that urgently require access to professional psychiatric help. As of 2018, Ireland has 6 Consultant Psychiatrists per 100,000 of population, which is just half of the EU average. These figures are alarming.

Psychiatrists, if you wish to come work in Ireland, our people will be forever indebted with your much needed care and assistance. At FRS recruitment, you will be helped and guided through your move to Ireland; assisting you in sourcing a position, organising work permits, visas, advise on gaining specialist registration with the Irish Medical Council and sourcing accommodation; we will be there for every step of your relocation.


If you are interested in making that all important move please contact us through info@frsrecruitment.com