Thinking of returning to Ireland. Before you book your flights or jump on a plane home take a look at these 5 top tips to help you with a smooth transition.

  1. Research the jobs market: Do some research on the jobs market in Ireland. Contact a recruiter who will provide you with a realistic overview of the employment market in your desired industry and location. The recruiter may also be able to line up some interviews for you before you arrive home. Having employment secured or in progress will help everything else fall into place quickly and give you great confidence in the decision to return.
  2. Get your Personal details in order both home and away: Make sure that your Irish bank account is still valid, if not you are best to start this process early. There are several providers who can provide low cost international money transfers which will save you a fortune on bank fees (will put in a link to one when we have a partner). Create an online account with the department of revenue. This will allow you to generate your tax information in advance, reducing your changes of possible extended emergency tax
  3. Do your homework on shipping. Arrange for a representative from a shipping company to come out and provide you with some shipping options. You may find that it’s not as expensive as you thought to send home your household items. And it will save you a fortune on the other side. Also avoid the Aussie loop hole, you can ship your car once you have owned it for a period of 6 months!! We recommend Palmers Relocations (hyper link to their site who are bringing Irish home from Australia every day.
  4. Be prepared for Insurance Shock. Organise copies of your car, medical insurance and driving history from relevant providers in Australia. A no claims history from Australia will be accepted by some insurers once you can show continued history. This could save you €000’s and hours of frustration and late night phone calls.
  5. It has never been a better time to return to the Emerald Isle, with your country reaching full employment, why not secure your dream job at home.


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