Prescriptions may be the main reason why customers come into your pharmacy but are you missing out on boosting your retail sales?  Prescriptions may also be a pharmacies key revenue source but many pharmacies still don not put enough effort towards boosting non-prescription sales.  Here are some ways hiring the right Managing Pharmacist (and all sales staff) can increase sales of Over the Counter products.


Floor Plan:

A good Managing Pharmacist will keep the design plan fresh. Many customers collecting a prescription will head directly to the counter ignoring all the products for sale, on the way.  A clued in Pharmacist will Revamp the floor space at least monthly, create displays and move products around.  The layout of the pharmacy can impact sales.  Pharmacies should learn how to be the most efficient in displaying retail merchandise to create more sales. By placing something different in the middle of a pharmacy aisle, you can distract your customer into stopping before heading straight to the counter.

Stock related products closely:

Pharmacists with a sales hat on will know how products relate to each other can help your pharmacy increase retail sales.  For people looking for eye care products, stock vitamins and supplements for eye health close by, boxes of tissues beside products for colds. Display related products next to each other, so your customers can easily find what they are looking for. Place stock in a logical fashion.

Connect with the Customer:

Shoppers value a pharmacist whom they trust to provide credible information and care.  The time you take to talk to the customer pays off in the long run.  Excellent customer service is the key to increasing your sales.  So hire a real people person, a pharmacist who will Listen to the customer and really find out their requirements and then educate them about the pharmacy products.  Guide your staff to recognise valued customers and try and greet them by their name or ask questions to show a genuine interest in their well-being. Everyone appreciates the personal touch and remember that many customers are not only looking for a product but a service.

Make product suggestions:

Staff can educate and serve customers by making comments like “Did you know we now stock….”

Be Social:

A pharmacist up to speed on the world of Social media marketing will find low-cost ways, to position your Pharmacy, as the place to shop and buy. Use this to promote certain products or to get involved in local events and develop customer loyalty. 

Study Market Research:

Your managing pharmacist should be able to review data from market research to see what over the counter and retail products are in vogue at present. Also look at your sales analysis report and see what products are popular, making these products easier to locate in your pharmacy.

Train the pharmacy staff to upsell:

Training the pharmacy staff to do this will increase the pharmacy sales. Coach the staff to build relationships with the customers and to try and sell that little bit extra. Weekly staff meetings can be beneficial where staff can be informed of new products or what stock needs to be pushed. It may be beneficial to hold in-house competitions based on individual sales, to help sell certain products. 

Shop your own Pharmacy:

Sometimes we can become complacent and need to walk the pharmacy with a fresh set of eyes and view it from a customer’s point of view.  Are products easily displayed?  Is there clearly displayed pricing in place?  Are the products that you want to be sold at eye level? Does the pharmacy décor need updating with fresh paint, flooring or lighting?  Are the fixtures clean? 

By making a few simple changes and viewing your pharmacy through the customers’ eyes, you will not only be providing a better customer experience but you will also see your profits increase.

(Brian Mahon, FRS Recruitment, is a Recruitment Consultant who specialises in recruiting Managing Pharmacists, Supervising Pharmacists, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacy Retail Managers and OTC Staff.  Talk to me today on 086 7773856 or 091 760706)