Here at FRS recruitment, we’ve been in the industry long enough to know that talent acquisition, HR and recruitment all have their fair share of trends. Every year something new arises in how talent wants to be approached and what people prioritise when they’re considering moving jobs.

From ever-advancing technology and social media platforms to the changing nature of how people choose to structure their work lives, this blog will take a look at five upcoming trends that are sure to change the face of HR and recruitment as we know it.

It’s all about culture

Workplace culture is all about the attitude and atmosphere that combine to create who you are as a business. Workplace culture is not a new thing, but it has attracted a lot of attention in recent years because of incidents where workplace culture has not been positive. Now, more than ever, candidates are increasingly aware of the kind of culture a company creates and how they are likely to fit in there. It’s playing an ever more important role in jobseekers’ decision making.

Your business’ culture will drive how you recruit and retain top talent so it should be at the top of your list when it comes to getting things right. You need to identify who you are as a business and develop authenticity and openness when speaking with prospective employees. Jobseekers are becoming more selective over who they choose to work for; creating an honest and sincere culture could well be what seals it for you.

Room to learn

Organisations that can provide a learning environment that invests in improving their staffs’ skill set stand out in today’s recruitment market. With a skills gap that is still widening and the competition to hold on to great talent, a business that can be shown to offer exceptional learning opportunities to its employees is likely to be leader of the pack when it comes to attracting premier candidates.

This also stands for holding on to great people. Exceptional talent wants to be able to develop and build on their skills. If you can offer those learning opportunities in a structured and supportive environment, you’ll generate loyalty among your people and they will thank you for it by sticking around for longer.


It’s really important for you to be able to speak in a unique and authentic voice as a business. A strong employer brand is linked with your culture, as it’s the way that you sell your culture to those in the outside world. From candidates to clients and customers, people want to be sure who they’re doing business with so promoting what makes you distinctive will appeal to the perfect candidates that will thrive in your business.

Developing a strong employer brand online and off from the very start is one of the most significant ways to attract great staff.

Become a social butterfly

The perfect place to learn about and strengthen your employer brand is via social media. We live in an increasingly digital world and exceptional candidates live online now more than ever.  Social media is the perfect place to start understanding how you are perceived as an organisation, identify potential candidates and engage with your current employees. A strong social media strategy has never been more important to attracting talent to your business.

The extended workforce

With freelancers and contractor forming a growing percentage of the workforce throughout the UK, HR teams and recruiters are likely to have to start looking outside of their organisation to gain access to strategic skills for defined periods of time. The shifting global workforce is set to create a real impact on how hiring managers approach recruitment in the future.

If you think that you and your organisation can benefit from FRS’ more than 35 years of recruitment know-how then don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team. Whatever your staffing needs, we have insight into the latest trends affecting recruitment and the expertise to help you bring in the best talent for your company.


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