FRS Recruitment have partnered with Palmers Relocations to offer support and guidance for Irish expats looking to move home from Australia.

Are you interested in finding out the cost of shipping your car and household goods home to Ireland? Here you’ll find Palmers Relocations General Manager, Kieran O’Hara’s answers to the frequently asked questions:

"Ireland and Australia have always held a special relationship, with so many Irish calling Australia home and vice versa. So much so in the late 19th century a third of the population in Australia was Irish!

We are now seeing the return home to Ireland of more people than ever before with the demand for skills seeming to have no signs of slowing down.

We at Palmers Relocations work closely with the Irish community and the most common questions and concerns are:

How much is it to transport my car home and what are the requirements?

The cost varies based on the type of vehicle however as a rule of thumb, it will cost between $2,500 and $3500 to ship a vehicle and have this customs cleared. It does however need to be owned and used for more than six months prior to shipping to avoid VAT upon arrival in Ireland.

Should you pack your goods or the moving company?

It is recommended you use the moving company to pack your home and contents. The reason for this is that it ensures a smooth customs clearance process on arrival to Ireland as often Irish Customs will want to inspect owner packed cartons. Packing your own cartons will also often void any insurances or warranties.

Is there much paperwork involved?

Ireland is now one of the only countries in Europe to still manage their customs applications manually rather than through an online platform, so it is important to get this form right from the start. Your moving company should be able to guide you through this basic process.

How much does it cost to ship my household goods?

It all depends on how much you want to bring with options for full containers and also shared containers available. A full container will cost between $7500 and $8,500 depending on where you are going in Ireland and a shared container load can start at as little as $700. It is also important to be careful of products which allow you to pack and ship yourself. Often you will find it is just cheaper to use a moving provider to manage the whole process.

Can I bring my tools without getting taxed?

The short answer is yes, but only if it can be shown the tools are for personal use. Of course bringing multiple tool boxes  and heavy duty equipment will attract attention from The Office of Revenue. It is best to speak to your relocations provider prior to sending.

Is it difficult to relocate my pet and how much does it cost?

Pet’s are a member of the family so when you arranging for their relocation it is important to consider the crate size for the long journey. This can be the difference of thousands of dollars when comparing quotes but at the same time you will want to ensure a comfortable journey for them along the way. Moving a pet is never cheap but there is several highly recommended providers who can assist you along the way such as JetPets, Dogtainers and Skypets to name just a few.

Need more information on relocating home?

Palmers Relocations offer an obligation free in-home consultation to run over the details of your move."


Now you have all the information to help you ship your belongings home, why not take us up on our Free Flights Offer and get yourself home for free!