Recruitment as we know it today is an entirely difference process. Gone are the times when a recruiter would upload a new role onto various job boards and return the following day to a flood of highly skilled, super candidate applications ready for their next career move.

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Changes in Candidate Attraction

Times have changed, not only because of Covid-19 but because the labour market has changed also. Today’s workforce tend to be a lot more cautious of the roles they apply for, companies they want to work for and the remuneration packages available to them. Prospective employees have a choice, which is extremely evident within the Construction Sales Industry. Highly skilled, well-seasoned sales professionals, with product & construction industry knowledge, along with an existing client ledger are highly sought after, and they know it. They will use this to their advantage, to either get the best offer they can or by getting a counteroffer from their existing employer – two of the biggest obstacles faced by the recruiter in today’s tight labour market.

This is why “Communication is Key”

In a previous piece, I referred to recruitment being like a “jigsaw puzzle” with two pieces, the candidate, and the client. Here, I will touch again on this personal definition as it has never been truer to obtain successful recruitment. For these two pieces to fit, it is imperative that communication throughout the process is at an optimum level. It is vital to listen to and understand your client’s needs, being aware of their culture, driving forces and identifying their candidate profile requirements. Likewise, having a clear line of regular communication with your applicants, getting to know them, understand what they have to offer, their knowledge, skill set, key characteristics and where they can add value to the company. Use this information to ensure the two pieces fit and dare I say it – achieve recruitment success!

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The Importance of Communication in the Recruitment Process 

I am strong believer in communication. I personally try to work very closely with my candidates and keep the channels of communication open. I hope to educate them on the current construction sales trends, who is hiring, at what level, salaries, benefits, and general market knowledge I have obtained through my own experiences. This is where I feel I can add value to their journey/process – there is a level of trust between us where relationships are development and maintained. With strong effective communication throughout the different stages of recruitment, even if the candidate is unsuccessful, they have had a very positive experience and you will retain them as a strong bond has been formed and are open to be contacted again. Candidates become loyal and only want to deal with you, as you have proved yourself to be knowledgeable and professional in your recruitment sector and their industry.

Building Relationships in Recruitment

With this new gained trust, you are now better positioned than your competitors, you have the very much sought-after candidate exclusivity agreement in place. This is the golden nugget in recruitment which gives you the leading edge over competition. and as a result, it leads to better rewards for both the candidate and client. Candidates benefit from this as the recruiter delivers a high level of professionalism to them, showcasing a high level of energy and enthusiasm in their journey to secure the best position for them.

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To conclude, communication in recruitment is a two way street. As a Senior Recruitment Consultant, specialising in the recruitment of Construction Sales Professionals, I endeavour to offer both my candidates and clients the highest level of open communication and commitment. Together we will succeed in securing “completing the jigsaw” where everyone is a winner when the perfect fit is found.

So, are you ready to make the make move?

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