Its been an interesting start to the year with the layoffs starting in November and continuing up until this day. A lot of people have been asking about the market and what we can expect. While none of us know for certain – there is a lot of optimism that what we are encountering is more a bump in the road rather then a 2008 economic crash.

Although this is being called a “Tech Job Crisis” – the majority of people being let go are in supportive positions to the main technology departments and the niche IT skills that were extremely hard to find in 2022 In Ireland are still the same now and…… most importantly will continue for foreseeable future

We encountered record levels of new positions in 2022 and almost 4 straight years of huge growth in new positions across all aspects of Technology so a slowdown was inevitable. The good news is – since the new year has began we are seeing local Irish tech companies use this period to target talent they likely would not have access to in the previous few years.

The most interesting aspect of the year so far is salaries have largely remained the same to a similar period last year and speaking to employers that is unlikely to change anytime soon,


Tips for Candidates looking for work in Q1

  • Partner with a good recruiter who knows your specific skillset and knows his/her market and all the clients hiring with the space
  • Spend time with an experienced recruiter on your CV – make sure to highlight skills especially those relevant to the one you are applying for. On average a hiring manager looks at a CV for 6 seconds so make sure it pops!
  • Make sure you are “open to work” on your Linkedin profile.
  • Have your CV on IrishJobs, Monster & – Indeed is ok too however it is hard for recruiters to find the right people


Skills asked for most in Q1:

  • .Net Software Development/Architecture
  • Python
  • Technical Support level 1 & 2
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Project Managers