Leading Irish recruitment company, FRS Recruitment, has launched a new Christmas themed video aimed at bringing the Irish abroad back to Ireland and “home for good”.


The video was launched to coincide with the many Irish abroad travelling back to Ireland ahead of Christmas. Recent research conducted by FRS Recruitment showed that one in every two members of Irish abroad are considering travelling back to Ireland this Christmas.


Building on that premise, the video features a shot of a plane landing at Dublin Airport and then cuts to the passenger’s perspective as they drive from the airport on the motorway and then along various roads seeing Christmas lights in a number of different Irish homes and other settings. The tagline then reads “Any airline can take you home for Christmas. We can bring you home for good.”


The video is part of FRS Recruitment’s ongoing ’70 Minutes of Home’ campaign, which seeks to provide glimpses of Ireland to the Irish community living abroad and to encourage those who may be considering a move back to Ireland to look at the many high quality job opportunities available for qualified personnel back in Ireland. It can be viewed at www.70minsofhome.ie


The campaign is run in conjunction with FRS Recruitment’s sponsorship of GAAGO with many of the videos being promoted during the streaming of GAA Championship games featured on the GAAGO platform.


Speaking about the campaign, Lynne McCormack, General Manager of FRS Recruitment said, “Christmas is a time when a lot of people’s minds turn to home. This is especially true of the Irish community living abroad, many of whom are considering travelling back to Ireland this Christmas. Even for many of those who won’t travel, the nostalgia associated with an ‘Irish Christmas’ tends to linger and come to the fore at this time of year.


“Christmas is also a period of broader reflection and we have found in the past that we get a lot of inquiries at this time of year from Irish abroad who might be considering moving back to Ireland and are looking at their options. The truth is that there are a lot of career opportunities available back in Ireland for qualified candidates. This is across the board – in Healthcare, IT, Construction, Finance, Engineering, Medtech, Commercial and many other sectors."


“We have increasingly found ourselves turning to the Irish abroad to see if we can connect the right person with the right role. Every year there are some people who would like to move back to Ireland under suitable circumstances. Usually that means putting them in a job they really want. Well for the Irish abroad who have grown their career and their CVs while away, there is plenty of exciting opportunities available."


“Through this video we hope we can stir the nostalgia for life back in Ireland just a little and give anyone who is thinking about making a more permanent switch the opportunity to check out what some of those opportunities look like,” Ms. McCormack concluded.


FRS Recruitment is one of the leading recruitment businesses operating in Ireland. They have 10 offices nationwide, with locations in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Tipperary, Limerick, Kerry, Kilkenny, Offaly, Cavan and Roscommon. A 100% Irish business, FRS Recruitment is part of the FRS Network – the social enterprise co-operative.