On a bright and bustling morning on June 5, staff from FRS Recruitment gathered at the picturesque Fota Resort in Cork for a day of reflection, learning, and coming together. The annual team day, a much-anticipated event in the company's calendar, kicked off with an air of excitement as employees from all corners of the country convened for a memorable experience.

A Year in Review: Setting the Stage for Future Success

The day's formal proceedings began with an inspiring address from Lynne McCormack, General Manager of FRS Recruitment. McCormack's presentation provided a comprehensive overview of the company's performance over the past twelve months, highlighting significant achievements and milestones.


Her address celebrated the unwavering commitment of the staff to both clients and candidates, emphasising the pivotal role each employee plays in driving the company's success. Looking ahead, McCormack shared insights into the strategic direction FRS Recruitment is poised to take as it approaches 2025, setting an ambitious yet attainable vision for the future.


Following McCormack, CEO Colin Donnery took the stage to share his reflections on the evolving recruitment landscape. Drawing from his extensive experience, Donnery underscored the importance of maintaining strong connections with customers, a cornerstone of FRS Recruitment's philosophy. He painted a vivid picture of the industry's transformation over the past two decades, offering valuable perspectives on how FRS Recruitment has adapted and thrived.


Panel Discussion: Insights and Experiences from the Frontline

One of the highlights of the morning session was a dynamic panel discussion led by Donnery. The panel featured four distinguished employees: Renata Ryan, Team Leader of the Nursing Division; Niall O'Connor, Client Relationship Manager in the IT team; Feargus Young, Principal Recruitment Consultant in the Food and Electronics sectors; and Aoife Kelly, Senior Recruitment Consultant for temporary staff in the Commercial and Industrial sectors.


Each panellist shared personal anecdotes and professional insights, delving into the nuances of working in recruitment. Their discussions provided valuable lessons on best practices and common pitfalls, offering a rich tapestry of experiences for the audience to learn from.

Growth Mindset: A Workshop with John Counihan


After a brief intermission, the team reconvened for an enlightening session with guest speaker John Counihan of Alchemy Consulting. Counihan's workshop focused on the concept of 'growth' versus 'fixed' mindsets, an area particularly relevant to the fast-paced and ever-changing recruitment industry.


Through interactive exercises and thought-provoking discussions, staff were encouraged to embrace a growth mindset, fostering resilience and adaptability both individually and collectively.

Afternoon Adventures: Team Building at Fota Island Adventure

Post-lunch, the team embarked on an exhilarating adventure at Fota Island Adventure, just a stone's throw from the main venue.


The afternoon was filled with activities designed to challenge and engage, including shelter building, (supervised) fire starting, and a series of team communication exercises.


Under the watchful eye of the temporary FRS boss, Terry, participants navigated tasks that tested their ability to follow orders and adapt under pressure - all while being distracted by the lure of fresh smores! 


The activities not only facilitated bonding among team members but also provided an opportunity for newer recruits to integrate and form lasting connections.


Celebrating Excellence: The Annual Awards Presentation

As the day transitioned into evening, the team gathered for dinner and marked one of the most anticipated segments of the event—the annual awards presentation. This year's ceremony honoured the outstanding contributions of FRS Recruitment staff, reflecting the core values that underpin the company's ongoing success. The award winners, each exemplifying dedication and excellence, were:

  • Donal Broderick
  • Olamide Badmus
  • Aina Lynch
  • Eimar Galvin - Technical Engineering Recruiter
  • Ashlee Francis
  • Daniella Gardiner
  • Isabel Gough
  • Mandy Devlin
  • Noelle Nagle

Congratulations to all our worthy winners and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to making this team day an unforgettable experience. Here’s to continued success and many more achievements as we journey forward together!