It’s becoming seemingly harder to stand out and get noticed in the online world. Businesses have multiple platforms to focus on and competition on each of them. We spoke with Jimmy Healy, Managing Director of PR and Digital Marketing agency Cogency for his top tips to get your business noticed online.  


Use Different Content Formats 

When using multiple social platforms, don’t post exactly the same content across different platforms. Make sure that your content is tailored to each platform and the demographic of your audience on each. 

Try out the different formats (Polls on Twitter, Articles on LinkedIn, Reels and Guides on Instagram, etc), instead of only sharing static content to your feed. 

Test and Retest Your Content

The best way to figure out what content themes and content types are working is to check your analytics frequently.

Over time, a picture will start to emerge and you can figure out what types of content resonates with your audience, and in what format. 

For example, you might see that carousel posts on Instagram are doing much better than single feed posts. We’re not saying drop single feed posts all together, but maybe focus a content strategy heavy around carousel posts in the future. 

Also, mix and match your best preforming content themes with your best performing content types to get the best results. 

Remember, these might be different on every platform based on the demographic that you have there, so make sure you check them, and continue analysing them, for every platform.

Post as much Quality Content as you can

Once you have an idea of what content works best on each platform, focus on putting out as much content as you can that is quality. The point of this is to not post just to post, but to post consistently valuable content. 

Each piece of content is a new opportunity to be shown to a new audience, and to grow trust with your current audience. Before posting, think if the piece of content is something that your audience wants or needs to see? If it’s not, don’t post it. 

Become your Industry's Go- to Account for Information

You can do this to be one of the first to share relevant news, analysing trends, and showing others in your target industry how to stay on top of the market. This can be done by sharing or referencing other sites and accounts, so it doesn’t all have to be original content. 

By consistently posting this content your followers will see you as a go-to source for industry news, and a leader in your field. 

Turn on Google Alerts for keywords related to your industry. This is a great way to make sure you’re staying on top of new articles and trends first thing in the morning.

Open up a two-way stream of communication

Social media is, after all, social. No longer can brands and businesses hide behind their platforms and put out one-way communication. Businesses need to be responsive on social channels. 

This is not only good customer service, but it is expected from everyone that has social channels. Your customers expect to get a quick and timely response to messages and comments. 

Thank people that share your content, whether it is your employees or an outside source, respond back to comments both positive and negative so that others can see that you care about their feedback and are working to resolve problems. 

The more you engage with your audience the more they will trust you and that leads to brand loyalty. 

This is an invaluable step in fostering brand loyalty and showing others online that you are a trusted brand that cares about their customers and audience.


It’s important to remember that growing on social media, and standing out, doesn’t happen overnight. With consistency and tweaking your strategy based on your insights you’ll see results. 

By posting a mix of original and shared content, your audience will see you as a thought-leader in your industry. A place where they can turn to first for industry news, insight and your take on things. 

Consistent and quality content that is in line with your brand is the most important thing that you can do to stand out. 


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