In our latest Q&A, we dive into the fascinating world of recruitment, gaining valuable insights and wisdom from our very own Emma Fenton and John Bergin, dedicated professionals with a combined experience of over 30 years.


1. What inspired your journey into recruitment?

Emma: After finishing a psychology degree, I discovered a passion for combining business and psychology. This led me to pursue a Master's in Occupational Psychology, ultimately propelling me into the consultancy and recruitment field.

John: My idealistic drive was rooted in helping individuals find jobs they truly enjoyed, setting me on the path to connect people with opportunities that aligned with their skills and aspirations.


2. How did you find your passion for recruiting?

Emma: As an Occupational Psychologist, I was drawn to the human side of recruitment. Engaging in candidate interviews and fostering career matches became a fulfilling journey I still enjoy today.

John: My journey through Technical Recruitment, transitioning to the education sector, and returning to my passion for technical recruitment brought me immense satisfaction. Seeing candidates excel in roles they're passionate about is incredibly rewarding.


3. What unique skills have you developed through your work as a recruiter?

Emma: My ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, honed through global interactions, has been pivotal. Additionally, guiding individuals to identify their passions and shape their experiences for a satisfying career has become a cornerstone of my consultancy.

John: Over the years, I've cultivated tenacity and resilience—essential traits in recruitment. Navigating daily rejections requires the ability to bounce back and continue forward, driven by a commitment to making meaningful connections.


4. What's most rewarding in recruiting?

Emma: Contributing to the alleviation of hospital shortages by recruiting doctors brings a deep sense of pride. Finding the right candidate for a crucial role is a truly satisfying accomplishment.

John: The exhilaration of successfully matching a candidate with the perfect role still resonates with me. Witnessing candidates thrive in positions they enjoy, and helping those who are unhappy in their current roles, remains highly rewarding.


5. Share a memorable impact on a candidate's path.

Emma: A memorable impact was when a former mentee pursued Obstetrics & Gynaecology after our discussions. Witnessing her successful journey, even during my own significant life event, stands out as a heart-warming experience.

John: I recall a situation where a client interviewed two candidates, both of whom I had recommended. Unable to decide between them, the client created a new position and hired both individuals—a moment that highlighted the value of my matchmaking skills.


6. How does it feel impacting professional journeys?

Emma: Being an integral part of candidates' paths is truly fulfilling. Guiding them from initial screening to their first days in a new role brings a deep sense of satisfaction.

John: Playing a pivotal role in candidates' professional journeys is both rewarding and motivating. Understanding their motivations and supporting them along the way is a privilege I cherish.


7. How do you adapt to changes in the job market?

Emma: Staying updated through various sources and networks is key to remaining adaptable. The ever-evolving nature of the job market demands continuous learning and flexibility.

John: In the dynamic landscape of the job market, staying informed through reliable sources, networking events, and engaging with technical content ensures I remain adaptable and well-prepared for changes.


8. How do you maintain good time management in fast-paced recruiting?

Emma: Effective time management involves prioritization and weekly planning. Focusing on urgent and successful tasks while leveraging team strengths helps me maintain productivity.

John: Navigating the fast-paced nature of recruitment requires prioritization and effective time management. Identifying crucial tasks, collaborating with colleagues, and maintaining a proactive approach help me stay on top of my responsibilities.


9. Any advice for aspiring recruiters?

Emma: Resilience and a positive outlook are essential for success in the recruitment field. Embrace challenges and approach them as opportunities to learn and grow.

John: Pursuing a career in recruitment demands hard work, tenacity, and resilience. Embrace challenges with a problem-solving mindset and focus on creating meaningful connections with candidates and clients.


10. What brings you joy in recruiting?

Emma: Witnessing the transformative power of recruitment, changing lives, and being an agent of positive growth. It's immensely satisfying to contribute to individuals' success.

John: The joy and satisfaction of filling a role and witnessing a candidate's acceptance of an offer are unparalleled. Making a tangible impact on candidates' lives brings immense fulfilment.


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