The FRS Recruitment GAA World Games - where to begin? It's probably easier to go from the start.

FRS Recruitment and the GAA have a longstanding partnership that dates back to 2018 when we proudly sponsored a thrilling hurling game between Victoria and New South Wales in Australia. Building on this success, in 2020, we took our collaboration to new heights by becoming sponsors of GAAGO - the GAA and RTE's online streaming platform for GAA matches abroad. Through this sponsorship, we had the incredible opportunity to bring a taste of home to our cherished ex-pats who were unable to return due to lockdown restrictions.

Our popular #70minsofhome campaign evolved into '70 minutes of Summer, 70 minutes of The Game' and later transformed into the inspiring #HomeTruths campaign. And now, in the present year, we were thrilled and honoured to be the title sponsors of the prestigious FRS Recruitment GAA World Games, adding an exciting new chapter to our partnership.


The Games 

This year FRS Recruitment GAA World Games was the 4th and the biggest staging of the games to date! 94 teams from 10 different regions and over 2,000 players took part in the games in Derry. The sheer scale of the event was highlighted during the opening ceremony when all the teams gathered in the Guildhall on the Monday evening, where the games were officially opened by the GAA President Larry McCarthy.


The Games itself took play in Owenbeg. With 7 pitches and state of the art facilities this was the perfect venue for such an event. At any one time you could watch, a ladies football game,  hurling match, camogie game or a men's football game. Each game has so much riding on it which developed an energy and atmosphere that I've never seen matched before at a GAA event. Each team brought their own unique chanting and cheering for example chants of 'Who let the Frogs Out' could be heard from French GAA or 'Italians on Fire' could also be heard through out Owenbeg and Derry City! image-20230725-125552-1ca94e6a

The matches began at 9am each morning and played on through 5pm each evening. The games itself attached a huge crowd each day with many family and friends descending upon the Ulster grounds to visit their loved ones and get in on the action. 

The finals then took place in Celtic Park in Derry city. The list of winners were:

  • Men’s Football Open Cup Final Oakleaf Cup - Australasia
  • Hurling international Cup Final Seamus Howlin Cup – New York
  • Camogie Open Cup Final Mary Gavin Cup – Australasia
  • LGFA Open Cup Final Rachel Kenneally Cup – Australasia
  • Camogie International Cup Final Etty Kelly Cup - South East
  • Men’s Football International Division 2 Cup Final Sperrins Cup - Gasconha
  • LGFA International Cup Final Rebecca Dowling Cup - Charlotte James Connolly’s
  • Hurling Open Cup Final Owenbeg Cup – Middle East
  • Men’s Division 1 International Cup Final Liam Hegarty Cup - Sean McDermotts 

FRS GAA World Games Presentation
FRS GAA World Games Presentation
FRS GAA World Games Presentation
FRS GAA World Games Presentation

GAA Around the World

The adoration for GAA runs deep within the veins of Irish culture and history, transcending the boundaries of the island itself. This is precisely what sets the GAA World Games apart and makes them truly extraordinary. These games extend beyond the realm of Irish expatriates returning to their adoptive countries to compete. They embrace a diverse array of international teams, comprising players who share an unwavering love and passion for the GAA, despite having no ancestral ties to Ireland. Their dedication mirrors that of countless Irish individuals who fervently support their own teams, creating a global tapestry of shared enthusiasm and camaraderie.

But don't just take my word for it, check out the below clip from TG4.


As the dust settles and the adrenaline fades, the teams have bid farewell to the hallowed grounds and returned to their home or adoptive countries. What remains are the battle scars, the cherished memories, and the burning anticipation for the next exhilarating chapter in the Games. The countdown to the next Games has already begun!

FRS GAA World Games
FRS GAA World Games
FRS Recruitment World Games
FRS GAA World Games
FRS GAA World Games
FRS GAA World Games
FRS GAA World Games