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Name: Matthew Power

Position: I am an Industrial Commercial Recruitment Consultant specialising in Automotive Trades and Occupations such as Mechanics, Plant Fitters, HGV/Agri Mechanics, Parts Managers, Service Managers etc.

What is role/responsibilities within FRS Recruitment?

My role and responsibilities are pretty varied as I have responsibilities to my own employer, the client (company) I represent and the candidates I represent so it’s pretty full on! I suppose on a very basic level, one of my main responsibilities is to source top talent and successfully match their needs and aspirations to that of my clients and vice versa. That is just the tip of the ice berg really as there is so much more to it that goes unseen. When you break that down, one of the fundamental requirements of that is building trusting relationships with both clients and candidates alike and fostering that over time. Providing an exceptional, efficient, and seamless customer service experience for both parties is obviously top priority.

Give us a brief description of your journey in FRS Recruitment?

You will hear most recruiters say that they fell into recruitment but believe it or not I sought to move into the industry after working in the Fitness Industry for over 10 years. Career goals change, circumstances change – such is life, I decided to take a change in career but ultimately wanted to stay working with people. The two industries are very alike, more than expected, as it is highly competitive, fast paced, customer focused and demands high standards and quality service, or else people will go elsewhere.

What is the most rewarding aspect about your role?

Without question, it is getting to meet and speak to new people every day from all walks of life. I simply enjoy providing opportunities & solutions to problems and being a catalyst for change.

If you had to give new recruiters a piece of advice, what would it be?

  • Pick up the phone. Call candidates. Call clients. Call your work colleagues. And not just when needing something. The power of personality, being genuine and sincere is underrated.
  • If you don’t know something, just ask – you will learn something new every day that will make you better at what you do.
  • The word “Resilience” applies greatly to this industry. There are 480 minutes in a typical working day. One application, one phone call, one missed phone call, or one email can change the complexion of that day in the space of a minute. Every day may not be good in recruitment… but there’s something good in every day.