Maximise Your Annual Leave in 2024: A Month-by-Month Guide

Even though most of us have just returned to work from the Christmas break, everyone knows you’re secretly plotting your next escape! It's the perfect time to plan our annual leave for 2024. Our latest article explores the most strategic ways to extend your getaways by using your annual leave wisely. Check out our month-by-month breakdown below:



  • Extended Break: Book February 2 and 6 for a five-day holiday using two leave days.


  • St. Patrick's Day Weekend: Take March 15 and 18 off to enjoy five days using two leave days.


  • Easter Break: Utilise the days around Easter Monday for an extended holiday.



  • Early Summer Getaway: Book May 3 and 7 for a five-day break using two leave days.


  • Mid-Year Long Break: Use five leave days around June 3 for a ten-day holiday.


  • Summer Extended: Book August 2, 6-9 for a ten-day vacation using five leave days.



  • Autumn Refresh: Take October 25 off for a four-day break using one leave day.


  • Christmas Period: Book December 23 and 24 for a six-day holiday using two leave days.


While you may not be able to make use of every suggestion above, this guide can serve as a blueprint for planning your ideal breaks. Use it to inspire your holiday planning and enjoy those well-deserved days away from the office!


While holidays are great, we understand the satisfaction of working towards them. If you're looking for a change, reach out to one of our expert Recruiters today for the best advice and guidance! And, if you haven't already, make sure to register here