Now that the pandemic is starting to recede across Europe, the FRS Technical Engineering team have noticed a huge uplift in clients registering jobs both in Ireland & across Europe especially in the Netherlands which is a real sign that things are improving and getting back to normal.
In fact, one of our Dutch clients has recently released fifty new graduate technician roles, so what better time to reach out to the graduates we had placed in the Netherlands over the past 3 years and get their feedback on the relocation process and how they are enjoying their new roles and life outside of Ireland! Read their stories below. 

Engineering jobs
1. How did you find the onboarding process ?

“The whole onboarding process was very easy for me all I had to do was pack my suitcase and get to the airport. Everything else was taken care of and I had the support I needed to settle in efficiently.”
“The agency looked after everything from bank accounts/ Bsn numbers, interviews, hotels, transport to and from the interviews etc etc. When I did get the job they even looked after the housing and helped me with the paper work.”

2. Do you feel this move has benefited your engineering career?

“This work has been great experience for me so far and has definitely benefited my engineering career, it will look great on my cv.”
“It definitely has benefited my engineering career. Not only from an engineering skills point, but also a personal point. The communication skills and personal skills of an engineer are very important and moving to the Netherlands has definitely tested and advanced those skills. You become more independent and confident when you are pushed out of your comfort zone and stand on your own two feet.”

Mechanical Engineering Jobs in the Netherlands
3. What do you enjoy most about living and working in the Netherlands?

“I really enjoy the independence I have here abroad, and everyone has very good English so it’s easy to make friends and work here”.
“In Holland you will be introduced to the latest technologies, the most efficient ways of doing things and intelligent engineering practices. You will be financially rewarded also.. compared to my experience in Ireland. Don’t get me wrong, Ireland is home and always love coming back to it, but from an experience stand point, living in the Netherlands has really changed my way of thinking in many fields. Get out there and use your degree to open doors!!! Ireland will always be here to come back to.”

4. Would you recommend the move to the Netherlands to other graduates/engineers? 

“I would definitely recommend this move to the Netherlands, even if it is just for a year, as it’s a great experience. I feel like I’m making the most of my time while I’m young to travel and see new places”.
“The Dutch are quite friendly, everything is very organised from trains, buses to filing your taxes. The majority of problems/ forms/ applications can be carried out online or there is an app available. Any queries I had that required a phone call, a real person answered in less than 5 minutes and were always very helpful.”

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5. What did you have to arrange before moving to the Netherlands?

The interview process was very straight forward and the agency really took the reins and organised pretty much everything. The only thing I had to organise was my flight over to Holland for the interview. Everything else was organised for me”

Ready for the move?

So don’t take my word for it, these graduate technical opportunities in the Netherlands will offer you the chance to live in a different country, make more money than you might in Ireland and progress both your technical expertise and professional development.
To make the relocation process run smoothly you will get assistance obtaining your Dutch Tax Number, opening a bank account and organising your health insurance as well as receiving lots of support and information from our Dutch recruitment partner in terms of cost of living, pension, healthcare as well as assistance to help you find suitable accommodation before you arrive in the Netherland . You can also avail of 1-1 guidance from a dedicated support consultant to help you get settled into your new life.
You do not need prior experience as full training is provided but what you do need to have is an interest in living abroad, a relevant level 6/7 mechanical, electrical, mechatronic or manufacturing technology qualification and a desire to build your engineering career in a hand's on/practical technical role.

How to Apply
If you're ready to apply right now –apply via one of the links below and suitable candidates will be contacted within 24 hours for an initial chat. We have over 50 technician roles to fill in the Netherlands so please share these roles with your friends, colleagues and fellow students who may also be interested in relocating to the Netherlands!

Click on the links below to apply!

Or contact Feargus or Mandy