The IT Team at FRS recently attended the Tech Nomads event held in the stunning Gallery Art House last week and it was a truly engaging and fruitful experience! With being one of the main sponsors for this event, we took this opportunity to meet current and new clients, explore what their companies are hopeful for in 2023 and take this opportunity to enjoy a drink and connect. We also had the chance to talk to IT candidates looking for jobs, giving us a great idea as to what they're looking for. There were some familiar faces there that we had spoken to in the past and it was brilliant to witness their pro-activeness in networking. I highly recommend that if you are on the lookout for a new role, whatever your industry, get to as many events like this as possible.


The talks were engaging and motivating. We heard from experienced architects who gave great insight into the IT industry and shared their experiences working at the forefront of innovation. It was also great to hear from our own company on the importance of motivation when considering a move and being clear on your intentions when engaging with the job market.


A fun takeaway? - There are more lines of code in a modern car than there are in an F-22 Fighter Jet. Let that sink in!


The best part has to be the Q&A session with our very own IT Recruitment Manager and Team Lead, Darragh O'Brien and James Roche. They provided valuable advice on how to stand out in the job market and tips on how to make the most of your experience. They also shared their own experiences of working in IT recruitment and gave an insight into what companies look for when hiring.


Overall, the event was an immense success, and getting out and sponsoring events like this will be a priority for FRS in 2023. We were especially impressed with the range of people attending and the level of expertise, skills and advice present. FRS is looking forward to seeing the benefits of the Tech Nomads event coming to fruition for both sponsoring companies and job seekers alike.


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