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My 70 mins of home, Sydney, London, States, Perth

As part of the FRS Recruitment #70minsofhome campaign, we spoke to four Irish expats who have recently returned home from abroad about their experiences whilst at home and away, and how they stayed connected to home. We also asked them for their advice for other expats considering a move home.

Here is what they had to say:

How did you stay connected to Ireland while being away for so long?

“I made a lot of Irish friends in London which became my very close circle, so I was very much connected to Ireland because of it“ Laura, Recruitment Consultant (based in London for 17 years)

“FaceTime/ WhatsApp groups with friends. I followed news/ relevant Irish social media sites to keep up to date with the going’s on” Trish, Nurse (based in Sydney for 4 years)

“Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp. The time differences can be hard but I enjoyed waking up to lots of messages from family & friends back home” Jeffrey, Head of Operations (Based in Perth 3 years)

"I would stay connected to my friends through our WhatsApp groups and my family through phone and video calls. I also had my favorite Irish pubs where I could get a pint and listen to live music which always reminded me of home" Martin, Civil Engineer (based in US for 5 years)

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What and where did you miss the most about Ireland while away?

“I missed family and the local pubs where conversation is integral as opposed to in London was harder to find places where you can have quiet drinks and good conversation” Laura

“Missed the Irish food, trad sessions, special occasions, my family and friends” Trish

“Family & Food“ Jeffrey

“Having pints at my local and a Sunday roast“ Martin

Did the GAA matches make you miss Ireland more when looking at them abroad?

“Yes, nothing beats watching sports live with your ladsMartin

Did you research jobs in Ireland before you moved home?

Yes, I spoke with FRS Recruitment before I returned, and they were fantastic! They helped me secure a job before I left Australia which was great. It allowed me to focus on other aspects about the move home. It was one less thing to worry about“ Jeffrey

“Yes, I checked Linked in and Indeed. Spoke with friends in similar industries who had moved abroad and joined Irish Network Boston and D.C. through LinkedIn“ Martin

Have you learnt new skills or new experiences while away that you could bring back to Ireland?

“I learnt many and I think working in a large city like London in recruitment made me really push the boundaries in terms of building relationships etc and I hope I will bring this skill to Ireland; time abroad has helped to enhance my career here in Ireland“ Laura

Do you think your time abroad has helped to enhance your career?

“Yes, for sure, I worked in employability in Australia which gave me a great understanding of the industry before working back here in Ireland in the employability sector“ Jeffrey

“Yes, I was able to work on large scale projects that wouldn’t be as common in Ireland. I have developed professionally and now have broadened my skill set. I also feel working internationally exposes you to new ideas and different industry experts“ Martin


Did the pandemic have any impact on your move home – if so please elaborate.

“Yes, the pandemic delayed our move home by about 6 months. It would have delayed us further, but we decided we wanted to get back home before the new year. Moving a family to another country is already filled with stress and adding constantly changing travel restrictions and quarantine rules made it more difficult. We are glad that we made the leap and all things considered have settled in well. The best part has been seeing our son bond with his grandparents“ Martin

Are there any cultural differences that you enjoyed while away that you would like to see here in Ireland?

“I met so many people from different countries which enabled me to appreciate their cultures and food” Laura

“I really enjoyed the ethnic variety of restaurants in the States and, while Ireland has come a long way from my childhood, I wish there was more diversity here. You can meet and learn about people from all different backgrounds in the States and I will miss having that as a part of my everyday” Martin

Have you a different outlook or perspective since you returned home in comparison to when you first left?

“Yes, it is a lot more multicultural which I like, and I got a glimpse of a really good art and music scene in Dublin before Covid hit!” Laura

“For sure, living away open’s your eyes to realise there is a world outside of Limerick! You become more independent, confident and mature” Jeffrey

“I have really come to appreciate work/ life balance – something I think we do much better in Ireland that in the States. Also, now having a newborn I understand the importance of time management and how sometimes work can get in the way of the more important things in life" Martin

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about moving home?

“Research the property market where you intend to move to prior as this is the biggest challenge in Ireland (Click HERE for our mortgage advice webinar)“ Laura

“It’s not as bad as people make it out to be. Great being close to friends and family and you get used to the weather again!“ Trish

“I think it’s important to know you are making the right decision, if you are thinking of moving then explore options of employment, try have some savings built up before returning to help get you started and just go for it” Jeffrey

“Research and plan ahead. For me, talking with other people has been the most helpful resource. I have several friends that made the move back home before we did, and their advice was really helpful” Martin

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