It’s safe to say we all have had a lot going on over the last 20 months or so, but how has this affected recruitment. Well for me as a new recruitment consultant with FRS Recruitment I’m learning fast on this continuous changing space.

Since Covid I have seen friends lose careers and some who are still searching to get back into the workforce. This makes me feel very lucky to have been selected for FRS’s Recruitment's Academy where I hope to help friends and family find their dream job!

I’m learning fast about the world of commercial recruitment supported by a large team of excellent recruiters in the areas of Sales, HR, Finance, Marketing, Accounts and Business Support.

I have noticed a change in roles being advertised since I was on the hunt for my dream job, especially in the areas of Sales, Office Support & Customer Service. The areas that I will be working for FRS Recruitment.

These roles are now more of a hybrid model where sales professionals have admin and customer management built into their role, with much more autonomy around their job duties. There is also an increased focus on HR and accounts positions post covid. From what I can see it's down to the increased demand for new business systems and processes to support all the rapid changes in businesses across our country.

It’s brilliant to see offices reopening, people are upskilling and organisations are busier than ever. As a result we are starting to see a rapid increase in job vacancies and demand for business support roles again, which I'm delighted about. It was a turn around we all expected but it really has come with a bang! Day on day there are more roles coming across my desk and I'm getting to really experience the fast paced recruitment world.


It’s impossible to say that the last 20 months haven’t changed the way we will all work, and hire going forward, but from what I can see and say I embrace the change, its brought me to FRS - The Best Recruitment Agency in Dublin, found me my dream job and from speaking to candidates, they are more open to hybrid and diverse roles since the flexible shift on our employment economy. 

So as we navigate through the next phase and head into a new year, remember that jobs are out there, candidates are out there and as recruiters we are here to make your career search a successful one.


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