The biography of almost every leading entrepreneur has at least one paragraph where they describe a once in a lifetime opportunity knocking on their door, and how they were either smart or lucky enough to have answered that call.

The rest of us non-billionaires read those stories and keep asking the question, if I heard that knock, would I answer, or worse, did I miss that knock earlier in my career?

I’ve worked in recruitment and talent acquisition since the early 00’s and I’ve seen the ups and downs in markets and thought I had seen it all experiencing a once in a lifetime global recession and the subsequent recovery, but of course we live in strange times and now I add once in a lifetime global pandemic to my logbook of experience.

On the back of each crisis again we hear of that small few who saw opportunity, who emerge these tough times better off than when they started. With that lead in, let me tell you of another crisis and at the same time, let me knock on your door with opportunity.  

In the last couple of years, have you grown stagnant in your career, got bored with your projects and considered a change, but at the same time felt under-qualified, or lacked some experience. In the last few years, did you look at a company or job advert and say I’d love to work there, but its just out of my reach?

Let me tell you this. Right now, in 2022, we are seeing growth across almost every business sector and the biggest crisis, the biggest halting factor, is simply the lack of available talent. Every company hiring is looking at interesting ways to solve this talent problem, from internships and graduate programs to cross training from other sectors. This may be a once in a lifetime change not only to the way we work, but also the way companies attract talent.

If you’ve ever considered a change in career, if you’ve ever let a lack of experience or lack of confidence hold you back, right now in the current market, is the absolute best opportunity to take that leap.

Many people have spoken with recruiters at some point in their career and yet very few look at or consider recruitment as a career. It can be both a challenging and rewarding opportunity, and to make those first 6-12 month successful we’ve built an inhouse framework for success with the creation of our Recruitment Academy. Through this we can introduce people from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels into the world of recruitment and provide a combination of trainer lead and mentor lead courses and work experience that gives you both theoretical and practical exposer to the world of recruitment without that feeling of being dropped in at the deep end that so many experience when first being onboarded into the sector.

Talk to the team at FRS Recruitment today. Add your CV to our talent pool here: , or just call us on 0818 890 890 to speak with one of our consultants, and in the meantime have a look at life at FRS

Wouldn’t you love to be the next person writing your biography in years from now, talking about that time you were smart enough to have heard opportunity knocking.