The phrase ‘they could sell ice to the eskimos’ is a very commonly thrown around phrase when when we think about the iconic salesperson.

Flash clothes, a fancy Filofax under the arm and that look that says, ‘so how many can I sign you up for’.

Alec Baldwin in that famous Glengarry Glen Ross ‘Always be closing’ scene still rings true.

I like to believe the world of sales, and how a sale is made, has dramatically changed in recent years (and not just due to the pandemic).

Maria Carey Sales Recruiter at FRS Recruitment believes that “employers are broadening their scope for what the perfect sales person is”.

“The basics are the same, good communication, good understanding of the product/service and a go getter mentality” but to survive Sales in 2022 you need to offer the employer so much more.

Our clients are looking for exceptional sales professionals of all levels and across many sectors it really isn’t as straight, forward and black & white as it used to be.

Sales professionals are dealing with a range of new factors which tend to link more to the company culture and role itself. Factors such as selling remotely, selling online, selling through through marketing and social channels, internationally selling product and services and selling solely through technology not through people.

Due to evolving employment factors in the sales market, and the ever increasing demand for sales professionals, employers are more open than ever to viewing CVs, talking to candidates, and making that extra effort to look beyond the initial experience on a page to really see what a candidate can bring to the table.

Maria Carey tells us that “clients are now hiring marketing professionals in sales roles and IT candidates in sales roles to ensure that they are staying on the pulse of the sales market to maximise revenue sales”.

With a modern view on hiring sales professionals, employers are opening up to a whole new pool of talent that could grow their business in a way they had never envisioned.

The role of a recruiter needs to evolve as much as the changing sales marketplace. It opens up so many doors for sales talent and allows recruiters to have dynamic conversations with candidates and clients and really play that professional matchmaker role with the aim, as always, to find that perfect candidate their perfect role, and the perfect client their perfect employee.


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