In the ever-evolving Irish recruitment market, understanding what potential hires value most can be the key to success. Recent data from the FRS Recruitment annual Employment Insights Report has shed light on a critical aspect that candidates desire from their prospective employers - transparency about salary.


Our comprehensive study shows that nearly the majority of candidates express a clear message to employers: be upfront about the salary. A lack of information surrounding compensation has deterred 3 out of 4 candidates from applying for job openings in the past. As a recruitment company, we recognise the importance of addressing this crucial factor to attract top talent.

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But it doesn't end there – candidates are vocal about their expectations for a more transparent hiring process. In fact, an overwhelming majority of respondents in the study indicated that salary information is the most sought-after detail when considering a potential employer. This highlights the immense significance of salary transparency as an integral part of the recruitment process.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, salary also emerges as the strongest pull factor when it comes to enticing candidates to consider a new role. Approximately two-thirds of candidates cite salary as their primary motivation for exploring fresh career opportunities. As a result, understanding and addressing the salary expectations of candidates can make a substantial impact on attracting and, importantly, retaining top talent.


As a forward-thinking recruitment company, we understand that the power of transparency can't be underestimated. By providing comprehensive salary information, we strive to build trust with candidates and demonstrate our commitment to creating a fair and equitable recruitment process.


In conclusion, the data speaks for itself - candidates value salary transparency, and it plays a pivotal role in influencing their decision-making process. To stand out in the competitive job market and attract the best talent, embracing a transparent approach to salary discussions is not just a good practice; it's a strategic advantage.


At FRS Recruitment, we firmly believe that by fostering an environment of openness and honesty, we can connect employers with the ideal candidates and create lasting partnerships.


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