The pandemic has brought about a lot of changes within the workplace, not least bringing the workplace home to the kitchen table or home office if you are lucky to have the extra space. It has also changed how we look at work and work life balance.

Remote Jobs in Ireland

Do we really want to do the 50-minute commute when the office re-opens?

Would it be great to have a little more space at home and maybe have that home office, a bigger garden, open countryside?

Assessments are taking place behind closed doors.Yes, some people will run back to the office grateful for the professional environment and structured routine it will bring. Others will look for a change, a rebalance, something different! Covid has taught us, there is no wrong option here. If it is right for you and yours, it is the right option!

According to the CSO, The West of Ireland has seen growth of 5.7% in the property index from February 2020 to February 2021. If you are from a town or village in the west (I am) I bet, you are seeing or hearing of people that have moved there recently.

Remote jobs for Accounting and Finance Ireland

After such a strange, traumatic, often heart-breaking year, a strong positive takeaway is that Ireland is now seeing the rejuvenation of our towns and villages. The government is backing this with the Rural Development plan and fantastic organisations such as Grow Remote and Western Development. Both are working hard to promote the idea and possibility to work for companies, often global organisations that will offer career progression and opportunities while you get the life in the place you want. The place you have dreamed of.

The west of Ireland also has amazing SME’s already established here with offices for those wanting to leave the house and remote working for those choosing a different work style.

The move is happening, I head up Accounting and Finance for Connacht & Donegal with FRS Recruitment and have seen first-hand, people who moved home for the duration of the lockdown are now looking to make the move permanently. The uniqueness of the West of Ireland is an enchanting place with some of the best landscapes in the world and fantastic towns and cities. New companies are opening up and growing. European HQ’s like HID Global in Galway and home grown companies such as Payslip and Clubforce going from strength to strength.

Jobs for accountants in Ireland

I live in a small town in the West of Ireland and have the career that completely works for me. I love recruitment with all its variety, but I also love where I live, a slower life on the west coast of Ireland made possible by remote working and a company that recognised the value of it long before Covid.

When the pandemic hit, remote working was often a bonus you might get with some companies. As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention!” When you must get things done, it is amazing the speed at which they can happen. Let us not lose sight of the good that has come from this pandemic as we recover from the bad!

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