1.  Ireland has become the tech hub of Europe


With the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe, Ireland (particularly Dublin) is seen as an “attractive” location for top businesses to set up shop. Major organisations such as Google, PayPal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Accenture have the European hubs in Dublin, today. The Start-up sector is also thriving with 37% increase in company registrations within tech in Q3 2021.


2.  Ireland currently has a skills shortage with Technology


Compared to the same period in 2019 – our IT team has 500% more IT positions on our desk. Ireland has one of the most talented technical skill-sets as a nation in the world however the growth of current companies, the influx of new companies and other economic factors has caused there to be a large skills shortage across the board.


3.  Education & Training


Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and University College Cork are all A-list universities, to name but a few and each of them provide world class education & training in all tech disciplines. The standard of education within Tech matches that of anything else in the world.


4. English Speaking & remains Part of the EU


Whilst the UK has decided to leave the EU, the Republic of Ireland (not Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK) remains part of the European Union. This allows freedom of travel for any citizen of an EU State to move to Ireland at short notice. Companies have moved several EMEA operation to Ireland off the back of Brexit.


5. The Guinness!!


Fairly Self-explanatory!