Why I like being a recruiter?


There are so many reasons why I love my job as a recruiter it is hard to narrow it down!.

One of the many reasons is that I get to spend my days communicating with people and discussing their goals and ambitions which I then use to help further their careers.

I deal with a large variety of people in many different stages of their careers from recent graduates lacking in professional experience all the way up to highly experienced professionals some of whom are under appreciated and under paid in their field, Recruiters help them all and as we say here at FRS Recruitment “We work for you”.

We get the opportunity to help people progress in their chosen career path which is very rewarding to see happen. I not only work one to one with candidates but also companies come to us knowing and trusting our opinions on who and what they are looking for in the market to fill open vacancies. Creating these relationships with both clients and candidates we are able to successfully match individuals to roles and it is very rewarding as a recruiter to see the magic happen on both sides.

There are so many exciting aspects of being a recruiter that keep me motivated and driven. From receiving a new vacancy from a client, creating an advert, talking to potential candidate/clients and building relationships. However if you were to ask me what is the best feeling you get from recruitment? It’s when you receive the job offer for a candidate you have been working closely with. Knowing that your next call will be that of success and reward for the candidate. To know you have effectively changed someone life by starting them off on a new journey!

Lastly my favorite thing about being a recruiter is working for FRS Recruitment. We work closely and effectively together. The support and guidance at every level in every sector is shown by the success we have had across the company. We will always put the work in!


To learn more about being a recruiter with FRS, visit: https://www.frsrecruitment.com/sectors/work-for-frs-recruitment/ and email info@frsrecruitment.com with your CV today!