A key aspect to my role is talking to both employers and candidates on a regular basis ensuring I get a full understanding of a). what the employer is looking for in a jobseeker and b). what candidates are looking for in a role.

This communication is vitally important for all parties involved. Just recently I had one candidate who made a number of direct applications to firms and unknowingly had applied for roles that involved long commutes, something they did not want. They had gone through the interview process, wasted three weeks of their time and the client's time only to be disappointed.

So this got me thinking - how could this situation have been avoided? Would the help of a recruitment consultant have provided a better outcome or experience? Call me biased but the answer is yes! 

Why should you use a recruiter?

It's simple! A good recruiter will listen to you.

They are not a computer, they do not autogenerate roles, they know where the opportunities are and where they're not, avoiding a situation of you being strung along for months on end. Recruiters also know where you will succeed and know where you will be happy!

Talking to your recruiter

Another experience from this week was a candidate looking to relocate from overseas. They had no relevant qualifications within the Irish market and needed to upskill remotely and then create a career map. This was all planned out in a 30 minute phone call. They spoke to a recruiter who knows the market, the roles, the educational requirements and more importantly where they can secure a role.

So for this valentines why not choose someone who will listen to you, will take all of your considerations onboard, will open you to a world of new opportunities and will make you an offer you can't refuse! Choose a recruiter!

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