In the world of recruitment we are always looking for faster and better ways to engage with our clients and candidates. The current labour market has set us some exciting new challenges in the diverse roles that have come about since the pandemic. Employers are looking for a suite of skills and experience outside the standard job specification. Now more than ever when the right talent is found, we need to ensure we are doing all we can to retain them.

As recruiters we are always investigating new and exciting was to find and retain talent. Below are some strategies that FRS have been looking at to stay ahead of the competition.


Predictive Analytics 

Analytics assist us in analysing top candidates and predicting which candidates may translate into placements for our clients. Predictive analytics can move beyond basic measures, such as time-to-fill and cost-per-hire, and review more-advanced data. They can track retention rates and success indicators for top candidates and apply this data to hiring decisions. With Predictive analytics we can streamline interviews to make the most out of the time spent with our candidates. Speed in the recruitment world is priority, if we can provide our candidates with a valued experience quicker than other agencies, we will have achieved our goal.



We have started leveraging chatbot technology to make our recruiting more efficient and to produce a better outcome and experience for our candidates. Interview scheduling is often one of the most time-consuming yet critical tasks traditionally involving multiple phone calls and e-mails between several people. Chatbots can be connected to our recruiter's calendars allowing visibility of times and can even text available times and dates for the candidate to choose. A well-built chatbot is a recruiters best friend.


Enhanced Vetting 

Extensively understanding our candidate's career history, experience and background is a short task that always pays off. Every agency and organisation have their own vetting approach. At FRS we have a three staged vetting process. This may seem excessive, but when we hire, we want to hire right. When we are recruiting internally, the hiring manager will screen every candidate on the phone/video call. This allows us to test communication skills and to assess their suitability. Candidates who pass the initial screening will attend an online assessment. This gives the candidate more insight to us as a company, allows them to engage with more managers across the business and gives us the opportunity to see them interact with their peers. The final stage will be with our Head Of Operations, this will be a detailed chat which we feel further embeds the future employee to our company.

This process can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks but we want the candidate to want us as much as we want them and a comprehensive vetting process supports both parties decision making. Our retention rates have significantly increased with this process


Artificial Intelligence

The ability of computers to understand and respond to human language is a game changer in the recruitment space. L'Oreal recently used artificial intelligence tools to successfully screen 12,000 applicants for 80 positions. Thanks to trained algorithms we are able to find specialised candidates for our commercial clients allowing recruiters to identify and respond to top candidates more quickly than ever before



Yes, mobile texting has been around for a while, but thanks to AI we are starting to look at it in different ways. Texting with multiple people at once allows recruiters to juggle 20 to 30 conversations on a text dashboard at the same time. FRS Recruiters who use texting in their recruitment have found that using texting speeds up their processes.

The average text response time is about 90 seconds. Our recruiters can screen a candidate in 4-5 minutes after a text engagement. Successful FRS Recruiters who screen four to six candidates per day for clients are extremely financially successful. By using text based recruiting they can reach 10 times that volume giving them 10 times more reward.

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