FRS Recruitment is at the forefront of recruitment agencies when it comes to supporting their staff in the development of their business. We offer the opportunity and freedom for all staff to work remotely when required.

By having this option of working remotely, our staff can manage their day in a more productive way. l believe the values of our organisation meets the needs of our staff and is what sets us apart from other agencies.

Facing the concerns of my team and maintaining their business remotely was paramount and with the support of a flexible working environment we were able to communicate and work effectively.

Trust is a challenge when working with a team remotely

In my opinion this challenge can be overcome with open and consistent communication. Once trust was embedded, my main focus was to ensure I was giving my team what they needed.

Take advantage of technology

Understanding when it is appropriate to use technology such as Teams or Zoom and when to pick up the phone. Changing up the way to communicate with your people is important when remote working. Allowing that element of structure and non-structure is key.

Manage Expectations

Just because people are working remotely, there should still be no surprises, managing their expectations and them understanding yours will ensure your team know what is expected of them. Following up remote communication with a quick bullet point email outlining objectives is a must. Never take it for granted that both parties understand what is said over the phone.

Focus on Outcomes, Not Activity

Reward outcomes, remote working can be isolating for most, be vigilant on knowing what your staff are doing and acknowledge what they are doing. This little step will identify their outcomes which will lead to activity, which leads to success.

Resource Your Team

Make sure your team is equipped with the tools to do their job without complications and frustrations. With remote working, in my opinion the frustrations tend to be hardware related i.e. IT etc. and the complications tend to be more people related. Have your processes well mapped out and readily available for each person and role across your business. Education, boundaries and technology are key for employee happiness and success.

Be Flexible

Just because your people are remote, don’t take for granted that flexibility is still needed. Employees who work from home will probably be more conscious to work their 7.5hr day and delivering on their role objectives to justify their value within the business. However, life still goes on no matter where you work, your people will still need flexibility, so continue to be flexible and lead by example.

Although Covid 19 is challenging on all fronts, I believe the steps we have taken will make our organisation better prepared to redeploy staff when required, be that now or in the future to stay agile and focused on our people and client’s needs.

Team spirit and company support is the framework of FRS Recruitment. We have always valued and trusted the opinions of our staff and will continue to do so.