Recruiting in 2022 What are the trends (6)


As we roll into 2022 recruiters across the globe will be planning their recruitment strategies for the next 12 months. At FRS we work closely with our clients to ensure we are looking at what impacts hiring strategies.

The top recruiters work in partnership with their clients to address key areas like below to ensure success:

  • Resolving issues with hiring processes
  • Revisiting language in job descriptions
  • Re-evaluating talent management
  • Reconsidering what a ‘qualified’ candidate looks like
  • Reassessing where and how to source top talent

Developing a concrete action plan was FRS’s core focus towards the end of last year and passing this on to our clients throughout 2022 was priority. With that in mind, here are some useful trends to know about heading into 2022.


The rise of data-driven recruiting

Consistent recruiting strategies will become daily table talks. Today’s recruiters are the ones who ensure knowledge of both data-driven mindsets as well as the right technology to enable their company to be successful with their growth strategies.

Using real-time analytics and insights —such as pipeline growth , offer acceptance rates , quality and cost of new hires and candidate feedback scores

Businesses in the financial sector that do not embrace data in 2022 (and moving forward) will continue to have difficulty in sourcing talent, nurturing job seekers and hiring the top candidates.

Without data guiding our team’s efforts, we will find it more difficult to keep up with data-driven companies who can better engage with the candidate.


The need to prioritize internal mobility

Talent acquisition leaders who prioritize internal mobility will be the ones who retain top talent.

The need to encourage workers to apply for openings within their companies is critical. The trends are telling us that it’s a highly competitive job market which makes it harder to hire well-qualified candidates, we must focus on retaining internal experience to support future growth effectively. By creating clear career paths for employees to entice them to stay.

FRS offer a wealth of opportunities for employees to grow with us so they can enhance their ability to move up within our organization.


A renewed focus on employee engagement

Distributed workforce's will remain the norm across Ireland for the foreseeable future.

The Great Return (to the office) has stalled. Staff have shown us that working from home or a blended approach works for us and multiple employers across the country. This makes it vital for companies with in-office and at-home workers to modify their employee engagement efforts.

FRS, like many other companies, shifted to hybrid working to suit our workforce. Amid this transition, we also evaluated our employee engagement approach at the time, and adjusted it accordingly to ensure each employee was set up for success whether working in an office and remotely.

We believe throughout 2022, a strong company culture will be less about making the office a fun environment and more about ensuring employees, regardless of location, feel seen and heard by colleagues and managers.


An effort to improve workers’ well-being

Mental health and employee wellness will be a big focus for us and our clients throughout the country this year.

Burnout is real.. This burnout has hit recruiters, talent acquisition specialists, and human resources professionals especially hard over the last couple of years. Recruiters and HR Professionals have had to adjust to big changes like fully remote interviewing and staying in sync with fellow team members. Thus, it’s no surprise a focus on mental health and wellness is now essential for all companies to thrive today.

We need to be patient and prepared for more uncertainty throughout 2022 when it comes to mental health and wellness. This I believe will bring about the most change in the HR space this year.


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