This is one of the best times to explore the possibilities of landing a great Temporary assignment. Work from home, be provided with essential IT equipment to do the job and get paid weekly. Many of our temporary positions can also lead to a permanent jobs.

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Why You Should Explore Temporary Jobs 

Don’t let the pandemic impede your ability to secure a Temporary role that suits your skills, ability, and work life balance.

Take this opportunity to start working for companies that you thought would never be possible unless you moved location.

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Current Temporary Vacancies at FRS Recruitment

We have some great assignments / projects nationwide in, Accounting and Finance,  IT, Sales & Marketing, Office Support & HR, Pharma, Manufacturing, Logistics, Commercial and Healthcare Sectors.

Keep an eye out on our website and see what we have on offer HERE or why not sign up to receive alerts on MYFRS

Myself and my temporary division are happy to hear from you and answer any queries you may have regarding temporary assignments.

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