FRS conducted its annual Employment Insights Survey again in April 2022. As with previous years, the report seeks to review and understand “the changing trends and patterns of Irish workers and employers.” On the back of major changes due to the pandemic in recent years, this year’s survey provided some interesting stats and suggested an overall positive outlook from employees and employers.

Peter McKenna, Brid Stack, Colin Donnery, Lynne McCormack

70% of people say that the lack of information around salary on job ads has directly impacted their decision not to apply for that role. As well as this, over half of people said they felt there would be more opportunities available to them this year than there were in 2021. Almost 40% of people told FRS Recruitment that they would gain new employment within only 4 weeks if they lost their job, suggesting a growing confidence in the jobs market this year.

Employees also said that their feelings around job security have improved: while 38% still have some concern about this, the number is well down from the 58% that feared losing their job in 2021. In keeping with the importance of being open about salary in job ads, salary is also the most important factor for candidates (65%) seeking a new position. This is followed by the “the job itself” (60%), the “benefits” associated with the role (58%), and “work-life balance” (53%).

70% of employees also said they expect to receive some form of pay rise in 2022. Interestingly, in 2021, 60% said they would consider a pay cut if they were at risk of losing their job, with only 46% agreeing with this statement this year.

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The report shows us that the changing outlook of employees and candidates is also having an impact on employers. 66% of employers told us that they have experienced higher attrition this year than last year. Similarly, almost half of employers said they noticed fewer applications to their roles in 2022, with the same number suggesting that candidate suitability has decreased.

60% of employers advised that they are looking beyond Ireland when it comes to sourcing new staff for their roles. Rising inflation in Ireland has also affected the recruitment plans of 62% of employers.

Colin Donnery and Prof Ian Robertson

The Employment Insights Survey was distributed at FRS Recruitment's recent event in Croke Park: Developing Great Teams in the New World of Work. The event also saw the launch of the new Home Truths campaign in partnership with GAAGO. Find out more about Home Truths here.

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